Why is my computer running so slow

Why is my computer running so slow? – Find out reason


Slow-PCA computer is a very complicated device, and it can perform multiple functions at the same time. For this reason, people opt to use the computers to carry out various operations. However, one disadvantage of the computers is that they might begin to run slow at some point. This is normal, especially if your computer carries out several operations simultaneously. There are a number of reasons that would cause a computer to run slow . Many people are asking, why is my computer running so slow? Here are some of the reasons that could lead to your computer being slow.

A Malware or Virus Present

One common cause of your computer to run slow is the presence of virus or malware. Your system might have been infected by a virus, whether from the internet, or from any other devices.

The viruses can also be found in your inbox, from your contact list.

The viruses will reduce the normal functioning of the computer. A great solution here is to find a reliable anti-virus or an anti-spyware software.

Fragmented Hard Drive

The computer will require that you defragment it as regular as possible. This process helps to organize our files in the right way. It works like a real person working in a disorganized office. This could affect the productivity, and time taken to complete a project. For that, if you have files that are not arranged perfectly in the hard drive, then the computer will most likely run slow. If your computer is not arranging the files in the expected manner, then you must look for the right software to help you in the process.

Less RAM

The RAM, Random Access Memory, is the type of memory that will be used by the computer, temporarily. This type of memory is used for thinking, and as a working platform. So as more programs are running on your computer, then the RAM will reduce, and for that, it will begin working slowly. You might upgrade your RAM, or avoid running too many programs. But if you feel like you must use the specified program simultaneously, then you can install a program management software. This can help you kill the inactive programs, and clear caches that build up as the programs are running.

Choosing Reimage As System Repair

reimagesoftwareReimage is a top software that specifically helps to ensure that your computer runs swiftly, and it has no hitches. The software will scan your computer for any problems, and it will fix them accordingly. It is designed for Windows, and it will repair issues like damaged or missing files in your computer. The product is a system repair software that is able to solve if your computer runs slowly. It will also help to reduce the cases of crashing programs and multiple errors. It works perfectly without affecting your data, or the normal programs in the computer.



Outdated Drivers Hardware

When two or more devices attempt to use a similar resources, like a memory address or IRQ, and error would be produced in the hardware. For instance, if the hardware device in the computer is sharing a similar IO port with a different device, there would be a hardware conflict, and the computer would be slow. If the drivers are out of date, the computer might also begin to slow down.

Outdated Memory

Suppose your computer memory is out of date, the machine will most probably run slowly. You will need to upgrade your memory in such situations. This can be done via specific some softwares, which will connect you to the internet.
So if you ask, why is my computer running so slow? Then you should know that the problem is most likely with the software and mostly an upgrade will be needed.


• It has a simple interface, which lets you to use it without any challenges. You can simply run through the software easily.
• It helps to identify any problems associated with your computer. So you will know the reasons why your computer might be running slow.


Reimage will only let you scan, optimize and repair the operating system automatically. Basically, you can not do the operations manually.

So if you are aiming at a particular section, this may not be possible.


The software will help you scan, identify the most probable reasons that cause your system to run slowly. And it will also fix these problems, so you will be sure of having a tool that will help you spot out the hitches in your computer, and one that will fix them.


Why dose my computer running so slow?

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